About The Band

Santa Clarita’s own Mill Town is a fun and eclectic band in the old pub tradition. Five Santa Clarita residents, some family, all friends, who love to bring the joy. Their story began in 2012, when Charlie King, an Emmy Award-winning sound editor at Universal Studios, finished composing an album’s-worth of songs that had one common thread: tracing the steps of American immigrants, settling in the mill towns of the East Coast. Stories of the American Dream, lost and found, that speak to who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. This ancestral journey led to a trip to Ireland, hanging amongst and recording with some of the best musicians in Ireland and baptizing the songs by singing them in the pubs of Ireland.

Returning home, recording continued and a reach out to other musicians to work on the album. First to step in were Charlie’s sons-in-law Joshua Graves, an accomplished and inventive drummer as well as fine vocalist, and Jimmy Ramirez, a guitar player with passion and skill in equal amounts. As Charlie is apt to say, if his daughters had to marry musicians, at least they married talented ones! Next to join in were bass/guitar player Ken Leo and vocalist extraordinaire Patti Palominos, both of whom Charlie had played with in various bands through the years. The five immediately clicked and a band was born. Other musician friends were kind enough to help with recording and soon the tracks were coming together.

When “The Day That Warren Zevon Saved My Life” was nearly complete, it was still needing the right guitar solo. Charlie sent it to frequent Zevon collaborator Waddy Wachtel. Waddy was moved by the song about his friend and offered a haunting lead guitar solo played on the same 1960 Sunburst that he used on “Werewolves,” “Roland,” and all the Zevon classics. When it came time for mixing, Mill Town was blessed to have legendary mixer Rob Jacobs (“Rattle and Hum,” “The End of the Innocence”) take on the project. The album was released in 2016 on CD and Mastered for iTunes.

Mill Town began taking the tunes to live audiences and using selected covers to celebrate the artists who have left an indelible mark on our world so to bring their songs and spirits to the party. In November of 2017, they were honored to open for one of those artists, the great Petula Clark at The Saban. Since then, they have played several shows at The Canyon Agoura Hills and the new and wonderful Canyon Santa Clarita. Mill Town is currently recording their second album and is excited to include those new tunes in their live shows. An evening with Mill Town will include lots of good music, a little laughter, and maybe even a tear to the eye.